Weeknotes 1466

seagull! if! smart notes! brighton festival! cake!

Weeknotes 1466


  • It's been another busy week but I feel like I've got it a lot more under control than last week :) I've stopped doing a lot of things I was trying to make habits of but which weren't actually that beneficial to wellbeing, better to keep things simple.
  • Seagull has started! I'm excited to be doing something that's not just me doing my thing.
  • I've been trying intermittent fasting for the last few months; on that 16:8—the chief benefit for me so far has been that my energy might be somewhat diminished overall but it's far more 'level'—I think as a result of my improved insulin sensitivity.  
  • I've started reading How To Take Smart Notes by Sönke Ahrens, seems quite useful but I might hold off until the next Roam Book Club starts and read through with the folk on there.
  • CM and I have been to a good number of Brighton Festival events—most of which I've been writing up for Seagull! It's nice to be going to things in places again :)
  • Made a cake for Josef's birthday, first cake I've made in absolutely ages!
  • I'm now the deputy secretary of UTAW! The position was open and having been a branch and constituncy secretary in the Labour party, I feel very strongly the secretary should be supported as much as possible! If there's an official position that can let me do that, so much the better.


This week I wrote about my new local publication Seagull, the way people front on the Internet, a lightly rewritten piece from the archive (I don't always call that out in the post itself; I wonder if I should?) about public spaces, and twice about our fave Big Dom.

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Off to bed. Over and out.

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