Hi, I'm Adam. For more on who I am, please see here.

This is my blog, which I say is about the intersection of politics, technology and culture but as with every blog that's been around for long enough, is about whatever I want it to be. The modal average seems to be 'Dominic Cummings'.

The archive for this might not seem very deep but I have had blogs on and off for over half my life now—a frankly terrifying thought—and I have a fondness for removing them from the internet once I feel like they've served their purpose for me or reached some kind of critical mass. I look forward to seeing how long this one lasts!

The name is a slight misquote of a hymn lyric and the closest thing I have to a personal motto; an exhortation to struggle through adversity.

Since this is the way folk do it these days, the blog is also set up so you can get posts emailed to you (there should be a little 'subscribe' button in the bottom-right). Because I don't want to flood everyone's inbox, Saturday's post is in a newsletter format with links to the rest of the week's posts, to other interesting things I've been reading, and some fragmentary thoughts that may or may not get expanded into something.