Weeknotes 1464

editing! valheim! apex legends! utaw! weddings! bangers and mash!

Weeknotes 1464


  • I helped a friend of CM's edit her dissertation at the beginning of this week. It made me realise that a) it's been seven years since I had to do mine (and I'm not sure I'd want to look back at it now!) and b) I have very strong feelings about how words should be arranged but I couldn't really justify them beyond an instinct "that doesn't sound right". I suppose that's the result of a lot of writing without formal instruction beyond GCSE.
  • I set up a couple more sites for side projects this week and even though I'm busy to frantically busy all the time currently, I'm still enjoying the feeling of vast potential possibility that doing my own thing is affording me.
  • I had another UTAW meeting and my membership card came through, and I'm feeling very excited about it! It feels like there are a lot of potentialities bound up in it. I look forward to the day when we won't be just a branch of the CWU but become the CTAWU ;)
  • One of my best friends from school rang me up to tell me he and his partner are getting married, which is splendid news. I've not yet had the thing that I understand from popular media happens where Loads Of My Friends Get Married; I wonder if this is the starting gun on that.
  • A bunch of folk from the Brighton Data Forum went for bangers and mash at the Shakespeare's Head, and while obviously it was lovely to see and talk to everyone etc, I cannot overstate how great the food was.
  • I've spoken about playing Minecraft and Apex with friends, and yesterday I started playing Valheim on my friend Jon's server. I've not really been drawn as much to playing on my own recently but playing with friends, especially when it's largely an opportunity to talk nonsense while messing around, is way more fun.


This week, I wrote about hucksters and algos; how to set up a Ghost installation on Digital Ocean so I won't forget the next time; Night in the Woods; belief, opportunity and possibility in politics; and canteens.

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