Weeknotes 1463

bank holiday! lifting! LOST! leon trotsky propaganda!

Weeknotes 1463

Hi folks! Hope you're all doing well!


  • The week began with a bank holiday! I spent it delivering leaflets and catching up on saved articles. Party hard.
  • Both CM and I were in Lewes on Tuesday so we went to the Roundhill Needlemakers for lunch, which I can strongly recommend if you ever happen to find yourself in Lewes.
  • Clients continue to appear as if from nowhere. All continues to go well on the work front, which is reassuring.
  • I went to the gym for the first time in maybe six months on Friday and I'm still aching. I was able to bench more than I could squat, it was absolutely ridiculous.
  • I've started playing Apex Legends with some friends and it's great fun! The system where you can 'tag' things, in particular is extremely useful.
  • CM and I are getting through the first series of LOST. It's been hard to bite my tongue whenever she asks questions, though I have had to reassure her that nothing happens to the dog.
  • My mum has been cleaning out the attic at home, and while going through a bunch of my old school work she found this:
a poster I made in year 8 history or something about leon trotsky. it's good shit
thought I never had a trot phase but I guess I just repressed that memory


My posts this week included a couple of highlights from old blogs on the time the cops took my sword and Ivor The Engine; a documentary from 1980 that sparked an interest in a Brighton character; Eugene Debs' speech to the court before his sentencing for sedition and some sad results in the local elections.

I put links I find interesting on my Pinboard; here are the highlights. (N.B. this week I've started clearing through a lot of stuff in my Pocket saved articles so it might be a bit more full than usual).

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Look after yourselves. Over and out.

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