Weeknotes 1593

pretty good week

Weeknotes 1593


  • Days getting shorter; nights are getting sooner.
  • But! For the first time in maybe a month I'm feeling "not ill", and I've been back in the gym—my legs are aching but I'm feeling so much better for it 😅
  • Failed my driving test the other week, but it was because of another driver's behaviour, so I felt ok about it. It also appears to be becoming a bit easier to get test slots now, so I've got another go the week after next. I also think I've finally shaken my nerves and I'm feeling pretty chill about the whole thing!
  • Went along to an open house at New England House which is right next to our office—it was really good fun, nice to see what people are doing. I worry it's easy for me to feel a bit distant from Brighton's business community so this was a really good vibe.
  • A friend took me along to an ADHD Aware mediated discussion about medication, which was really interesting—nice to hear lots of people have the same worries about this stuff as me.
  • We were asked to take part in a session the Brighton Fringe organised to help people who are doing their first Fringe shows know what to expect, representing the press—it was really good—great to be asked, too.
  • Friends of the blog Jemp Lalion had a gig which I went along to, which was great fun.
  • Had a Hallowe'en party the other night which was absolutely delightful; we left at exactly the point where we were starting to get a bit tired and it felt ok. Had nice chats with a bunch of pals (where it was possible to hear them over the music). We went as Victoria Coren Mitchell and Only Connect, The Show (see header image).
  • Getting to the point in the year where things start to get moved to after Christmas. Projects for next year are starting to come together. I've realised that I've managed to achieve most of the goals I set for myself this year which is pretty sick.




It's finally getting a bit colder so my breakfast porridge is finally getting a bit more seasonally appropriate. Currently, it's:

  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1tbsp chia seeds
  • 1tbsp ground flaxseed
  • 1tbsp hulled hempseed
  • 1 scoop creatine
  • A bit of cinnamon

I prep these portions for the week ahead of time on Saturday, then the last thing I do each day is pop it in my breakfast bowl (this lad) with a mug's worth (~280ml) of no-sugar soy milk (more protein), then in the morning I microwave for two minutes, mix in a tbsp of maple syrup and sprinkle a bit of trail mix (almonds, cahshews, raisins, sunflower and pumpkin seeds) and a chopped banana on top, then a little bit more cinnamon. It's absolutely smashing.



  • Putting together my 2023 Christmas carol playlist 👀


  • We went to see some friends the other day for "Quizzy Mondays"—Mastermind, Only Connect and University Challenge. We don't usually watch Mastermind or University Challenge so it was quite interesting: both those are, in a narrow sense more difficult than Only Connect (in that they require access to more recondite information) but I feel like Only Connect is the greater challenge as it requires you not only to recognise things but also to join them together in a way that's less easy to "brute force".


  • Little bits of Baldur's Gate, relatively little progress; I need to get back on it.

Keep it real. Over and out.

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