Weeknotes 1591

im all bunged up

Weeknotes 1591


  • We've been on holiday this week! Off in Edinburgh, which we went to for a couple of days in the spring last year, and loved it so much that we came back again.
  • This time we got the sleeper train up rather than the plane—in fact, the timing of our visit was informed largely by when I was able to get affordable sleeper tickets. It was an interesting experience, my only problem was that both there and back I was almost entirely unable to get to sleep, which was... less than idea. The flat we stayed in when we got there was lovely, though, and I slept pretty well there once I'd worked out how to turn the heating off.
  • Last time we crammed as much as we could into the ~36 hours we were there; this time we took it a lot easier (though I was pretty ill for most of this time around, so that did nudge us in the direction of taking it easier).
  • We did lots of wandering around—it's just a beautiful city to wander—and particularly enjoyed the craft market in Tron Kirk. We also got a car and went out a bit into the countryside to see some highland cows, which was very agreeable.
  • We got back and the cold that I'd had for the last couple of weeks got way worse, and then CM got it too. We haven't really been able to leave the flat all weekend :(


  • I mentioned my idea for a driving test checker, but unfortunately my driving test was delayed because the examiner was ill, so I might still have the chance to do that one myself.



  • Edinburgh eateries recommendation time!
  • Loudons was where we went for breakfast the first time when we arrived on our last visit, and on this one too; it's kinda like Edinburgh's version of Moksha.
  • The cafe at the big John Lewis might not seem like the most exciting place, but there are really nice views (see the header image).
  • Hendersons is now vying with Novapizza for the prize of being our favourite vegan dinner spot. Both remain outstanding.
  • Books 'n' Cup is a lovely little cozy cafe with really comfy armchairs; we spent a very happy afternoon in there (I'm told their toasties are good).
  • The Kilted Donut putting up strong competition to Dublin's Rolling Donut as our favourite donut shop.


  • I spotted in Waterstones and then read in its entirety Penance by Eliza Clark which was recommended on Sean's podcast a while back. It's really good! Notes coming soon.


  • I'm trying to dial down on podcasts; I've been listening to the Top Gun soundtrack a lot, and it slaps.


  • Old episodes of Only Connect are pretty much all that's getting watched atm. We need to get back on The X-Files.


  • Got the chance to play a little bit of Baldur's Gate before I left and immediately remembered why I stopped: I'm stuck wandering around a poisonous underground area trying to level up before I can get on with the quest and it's boring and annoying.

Keep it real. Over and out.

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