Weeknotes 1594

bad week!

Weeknotes 1594


  • Monday started off OK—got some work done, had lunch with a friend, sat down to an afternoon of boring admin, then I got a phone call from CM to say she'd been in a car crash! So I headed off to go and get her and we went to hospital and that sort of dictated the rest of the week.
  • Thankfully no-one was permanently injured, but she's got a few cracked ribs and a broken finger and is quite rattled, and I've had to work from home all week because car crashes mess you up in a way that means you can't really do all that much.
  • Several people have popped by over the course of the week which is really sweet. Geeta brought round Gus the chihuahua, who was given a tiny cable-knit jumper to match my cable-knit jumper.
  • On Wednesday when we were meant to be going to bonfire night (the display we were meant to go to was, for the second year in a row, cancelled due to high winds) a bunch of friends came round and we waved sparklers around on the balcony. The watering can we were using to quench them looked a bit like a hedgehog, so the next day we put googly eyes on it. In retrospect I think we were going a bit stir-crazy.
  • Thankfully CM seems to be feeling a bit better today so I'll be back to routine a bit more next week. Something that occurred to me is that I actually work really well in the space between waking up and "getting up", so I might try and harness that to 'work from bed' and get a bit more done in the space between wake-up and standup at 10.


  • Not much, see previous.



  • We've been having a lot of CM's current favourite, truffled almond alfredo with really garlicky broccoli. It doesn't keep very well in the fridge but fortunately it's really quick (~15 mins once you've done it a few times) to cook, which means you have to be realllllly tired to give up and order takeaway instead.


  • Perhaps as a comfort thing I've been catching up on comics. Actually quite enjoyed the Sins of Sinister X-Men thing.



  • A friend is visiting this week and last night we took the opportunity to introduce them to House of Cards (UK), definitely my most comfort-watched bit of TV—crashingly unsubtle, but so, so good.


  • No time for games, sadly.

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