Weeknotes 1567


Weeknotes 1567
when I was in the gym a guy walked through carrying what looked like a falcon or something? I saw him on the roof on the way out so presumably they were using it to get rid of pests or something. very weird.


  • I turned 30. I have some more thoughts about this that I want to write up into their own thing, but despite being averse to the Big Number Change beforehand, now I'm in it I think I suit being 30 quite well.
  • Birthday itself was fairly low-key: up for presents, gym, a work day which was taken as easily as possible, lunch with Kat (which I had arranged the week before not really thinking it was my birthday, just a day with a free lunchtime), a union meeting and then homemade vegan kebabs for dinner.
  • I got some lovely clothes (my fave: a very nice stripy jumper), books, other little bits and bobs and some money from relatives which went straight on a new barbecue. I also got a chimney starter, after years of reading people online talking them up and let me tell you: they are the real deal. Strong recommend for a chimney starter.
  • We had a barbecue on Saturday with loads of friend and it was really grate! (sorry). Very tiring (was on my feet a lot and had a bit of trouble moving the next day!) but really good fun.


  • On Thursday I went to see Stewart Lee for the first time since (I think) 2019. After the 2019 show, my old housemate (my regular companion for his shows) and I turned to each other and said... do you think we've just had enough of this? It was fine, don't get me wrong, but maybe, after ten years, after getting into him through (as I recall) watching Comedy Vehicle in sixth form because my dad's friend Paul was in it, time could finally be called. Last year he was still touring the show we saw (having now seen the 2022 version on iPlayer, I think it improved over time) but I thought I'd go along to his current show, given
    he was in town in my birthday week, and I enjoyed it a lot, lot more. I have more thoughts, but I will save them for another post later.


  • My old Kindle's a bit big for the little bag I carry my essential bits around in (this, but in an orange that sadly no longer seems to be available) so I had a look around for something smaller and got a second-hand Kobo Mini very cheap on eBay, which is the perfect size. Giving myself more excuses to reach for a book; not get into that "I need to have A Block Of Time In My Calendar blah blah" mindset. Getting back through A Desolation Called Peace which has been half-finished for months now.


  • We started Night In The Woods but CM doesn't seem to like it that much so I don't know if we'll be carrying on.
  • Jedi Survivor dropped the other day and I have been playing quite a lot of it. "Star Wars Dark Souls" is pretty well-targeted at me; it's great fun, and feels easier than I remember the last game being—although it's difficult enough to play because it chugs like hell whether settings are high or low and crashes every half an hour. I cannot remember the last time I played a big release that was in such a state. I will doubtless do what I do with all games: play it heavily for another ~week and give up

Keep it real gang. Over and out.

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