Weeknotes 1565

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Weeknotes 1565


  • Been a bit slow on getting it together to do non-weeknote Actual Posts on here for a while so I've returned my tumblr as a smaller thing where I can post little bits and bobs.
  • The "no phone, watch-only" experiment is going really well; the only thing I really miss is having a camera on hand—I have a DSLR but it's a bit bulky to be carrying round with me all the time, so I've ordered a second-hand point-and-shoot off eBay.
  • I have agreed to take responsibility for an AI working group for the union since I have a bit more time and energy. Off to London on Tuesday for an AI conference which should be interesting.
  • Our final MISSION session was this week :( I'm going to stick around at the coworking space for a while and I'm sure I'll see plenty of the folk but I will miss the regular sessions.
  • We were going to go to York to see my Nan this weekend, but unfortunately she has COVID :( so we're just having a relaxing one at home.


We're doing surprisingly well in the "trying new recipes" stakes recently. Most of them are hits, too!

  • We made this spicy peanut butter ramen the other day, a bit messy (both to eat and in terms of the washing-up it generates) but really tasty. Just about spicy enough for me (a spice baby).
  • We made some homemade vegan kebabs (this recipe + a bit of soy sauce in the marinade) and they're absolutely cracking. I would go so far as to say that I don't see why I would bother ordering kebabs when making them at home is this easy.


  • I finished (or finished with—I'll be honest, I gave up on the poetry) the selected works of GK Chesterton. I liked his fiction alright, but the nonfiction (aside from showing me where a few people who I've read for a while with a very particular writing style get some of their gimmick from) did not do a lot for me.
  • I've started on Ivan Jablonka's A History Of Masculinity. We're quite heavy on the "history" bit so far, but it looks like it is actually progressing toward being the kind of thing I'm hoping for 🙏
  • It is wild to me how little dril earns on patreon.
  • Tom linked me this Zadie Smith piece about British comedy and class and her father and it's really good, really well-observed.
  • I don't watch Succession but I love me nothing better than Real Murdoch Family Drama.
  • People moving to Peoria because of TikTok; I wonder where the places like this in the UK are.


  • I'll be honest, we went to see the London Philharmonic the other week and I came out humming one of the tunes from the Frog Detective soundtrack. It's just very catchy.


  • I've still not fully given up on Mando, but it really is getting a bit much. How did Skinny Pete and the lads on the boat not notice the big Imperial base?


  • Played some of that Tokyo: Ghostwire which popped up on Gamepass the other day, fulfilling my desire for a pretty-looking but mediocre action game.

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