Weeknotes 1568

leaving on a jetplane

Weeknotes 1568


  • Really busy week!
  • I had a blood test, and I'm still not quite right! Seeing the doctor in a few weeks—but the nurse was really nice and kept me distracted from my terror at the needles.
  • Wrote this bit of pre-local-election analysis for the Seagull, which I'm really proud of even though half my predictions were wrong.
  • Saw pals who weren't able to make it to the birthday bbq which was lovely. Spent way too much time going on at one of their partners about the greatness of Torchwood: Children Of Earth; very on-brand.
  • Failed my driving test—sad, obviously, but it was only one major, and a contextual one that I'll know to avoid in future. I'm feeling ok to get on the horse and try again.
  • Did a lot of little Life Bits: haircut, new glasses (coming soon), bought as many kinds of eczema moisturiser from Boots as possible, and they seem to be helping!
  • Local election count day stuff was very exciting: CM was at the count and I was having a lot of it fed back to me via frequent phone calls. I'm hoping to go along next time.
  • Fringe has started! We saw a bunch of shows that we'll be reviewing in Seagull very soon.


  • A combination of needing to have my phone with me for most of the week and not having any time in the evenings meant I didn't manage to read very much this week :( Did read a bit about democratic confederalism, though.


  • Got a fair way into Jedi Dark Souls II, it's good fun and all but I think I've both reached my natural boredom point and got sick of the absolutely dreadful PC performance. There was a patch the other day that did nothing; call me back when there's a patch that acutally fixes it.


  • Been listening to a lot of Ghibli piano tunes, this floated across some playlist I was listening to it and it has very similar vibes:


  • We've started watching Modern Family because CM saw a lot of Tiktoks of it and a 20-minute episode after dinner is the perfect amount of TV for a busy evening. It's pretty good—a very American Comedy Show but there are some Funny Jokes. As long as it's not too cringe, I can handle it.

Busy week ahead for me, hope yours isn't too bad. Keep it real; over and out.

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