Weeknotes 1526

heat and hammocks

Weeknotes 1526
  • It's been really hot.
  • We got a hammock.
  • I cannot say enough good things about the hammock. Relaxing in it is a truly next-level experience in a way I didn't anticipate. My current hypothesis is that it's because it provides full-body support in the same way that floating in water does.
  • Because of the direction our balcony faces, the position of nearby buildings etc, there are only a few hours of the day during which it's in direct sunlight. The rest of the time is hammock time. Evenings are particularly lovely, as things start to cool off and the sun does interesting things with the colours of the clouds. It's smashing.
  • Other than chilling in the hammock I have been working or ill all week; yesterday I gathered my strength and headed up to Bristol for my friend Scott's stag do; it was a very chill affair (Scott himself being a very chill guy) and the big party bit was a combo with the hen do party, and it was all lovely good vibes. The trains up were great, aircon worked a treat and I was able to try out the Elizabeth line :) Trains back were massively disrupted and three of the five hours were spent in one where the aircon was busted. But I'm home now, and I can feel the illness starting to creep in at the edges so I'm going to bed before that can happen.

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