Awesome Foundation Brighton

Let's do some cool little things.

Awesome Foundation Brighton

My friend Geeta and I are looking to put together an Awesome Foundation chapter in Brighton. Awesome Foundations are organisations that do $1000 (£750) micro-grants for cool or interesting projects or events in a city every month, and we thought it seemed like the kind of thing Brighton should have! Chapters have made amazing things happen all around the world, from building a giant hammock and assembling swings in public places, to helping dogs play poker and letting anyone be Indiana Jones for a day.

More info can be found here.They’re made up of ten (or more!) trustees who each put in £75 (or a bit less if there are >10 trustees) a month and collectively decide from applications what project they think would be good! I'm putting up this post chiefly to try and share around and see if there are any folk out there who are up for it! We've had a fair few expressions of interest but we could do with a few more. If you're interested, please get in touch with me at adam AT englebright DOT co DOT uk :)

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