Weeknotes 1547


Weeknotes 1547
idk who NOAH!!!! is but that tag is now gone.
  • Unfortunately, these have turned into monthnotes. In my defence, the last four weeks have seen me be at least two of exhausted, busy or ill at any one time. I'm hoping a couple of weeks off over Christmas and the New Year will allow some recovery and recuperation. I'll need the energy—got big plans for the New Year!
  • Some of those plans were formulated on our latest Seagull Day, which was in fact nearly a month ago. It was good though; lots of exciting things to be done in the next quarter.
  • We went to the launch party of a local coworking space, billed as a "sensory experience", which allowed me a chance to exercise my inner Jack Tinker in a New Yorker Talk Of The Town-esque manner in Seagull, which was great fun.
  • We've been to a few Christmas markets—one a big pseudo-German affair just around the corner from us largely consisting of tat and a big ferris wheel which we went on when CM's mum came down to visit (it was punishingly cold)— and another in a local community space consisting of lots of local artists and craftperson's stalls, which was really lovely, even if I didn't end up really wanting much of the stuff they had.
  • We've had a few outings to the cinema, most recently to see the new Knives Out, which was fine but clearly suffering from the need to spend its excess budget. We watched the first one the week better and yeah it's just a lot better.
  • Speaking of good things watched, we had the last episode of Andor! After a run of very mid Star Wars shows, something that absolutely banged from start to finish. More words on that soon, hopefully.
  • The leak in our bathroom ceiling has thankfully been resolved. I am not hoping for a housing market crash because that would be bad for other reasons, but I am hoping for a reduction in some measure that would make home ownership even a vague possibility.
  • I don't know if the tiredness is coming through in the words here but I'm really feeling a pretty bone-deep exhaustion atm, so I will leave it there for now. Plans afoot, but nothing concrete yet. 🔜

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