Weeknotes 1543


Weeknotes 1543
  • I'm off this week, which has the inevitable corrolary that There Was A Lot Of Work To Get Out The Door Last Week. Most of the last 7 days have been spent with my nose absolutely raw with how hard it's been held to the grindstone. At time of writing I would put myself at somewhere between "exhausted" and "turbo-exhausted". All the sniffles and snuffles that I have been keeping down to keep the train on the tracks have all hit me at once. The week's been a good one, though, and hopefully next week will be restful.
  • We hit 500 Seagull subscribers! We blew past 250 so quickly we didn't even have time to celebrate. It's really exciting, and very validating after we'd plateaued at the "friends and family" level for a bit. Knowing that people are, in fact, into what we're doing is really tremendous.
  • After a few weeks of preparing we had our first real carol practice, and I was able to get a spare key for church to do it in there, which meant we felt a lot happier singing out than we would in the flat. In the three years since we did this last, we've somehow both managed to forget how we arranged half the songs last time, but I appear to have magically acquired the ability to sing harmonies with way less fuss (I put this down to Hazel very kindly giving me recordings of my part split out that I can listen to and absorb between practices). We went through and we were able to get everything started, and I found myself very buoyed by the whole experience.
  • We've had a bit of a leak through the bathroom ceiling. Catch me giving out at length on the latest Memhaz when that goes up. I won't repeat myself here, except to say that it has been a singularly frustrating experience.
  • In better flat news, CM's mum popped by and helped me put my curtains back up, which will hopefully get my sleep back to where it should be. We also popped to B&Q and bought ourselves a drill, which feels like an important domestic step.
  • It is now time to rest.

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