Weeknotes 1527


Weeknotes 1527
  • I'm on holiday! For the first time in months I was able to completely wrap up all the work I had on beforehand and I don't feel like I have things buzzing around the back of my head that won't leave me alone.
  • Some of this was facilitated by an unexpected trip to A&E (all fine, thankfully) and continuing Covid fatigue, which made me realise that right now health (both that of me and of my loved ones) is a more significant factor, so I've turned down some work (a very unnatural feeling for me) and I'm bringing some engagements to a close, which should hopefully give me a bit of slack for everything else.
  • This week has been dominated by Stray, or The Cat Game as it's been referred to in our house. Our consensus is that while it was lovely the actual game bits are way less fun and charming than the Doing Cat Things bits.
  • We went up to York to see Nan and the rest of the Northern bit of the family, for the first time since Christmas 2019! Nan's house is even more covered with patchwork quilts than it was two and a half years ago. My little cousin is substantially taller than she was when I last saw her, and was asking me if I could help her get some mods working on Minecraft. They grow up so fast!
  • We also went to my beloved National Railway Museum, a favourite since childhood. So many trains, so much Old Railway Stuff. The graphic design they used to have on the railways was impeccable.
  • It's holiday week (and our anniversary week!) but we've got a big Seagull meeting tomorrow which I have high hopes for. The rest of it should hopefully be a nice combination of relaxation and fun.

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