Weeknotes 1516

ikea, dogs, fringe

Weeknotes 1516
  • I took my first ever trip to Ikea. We never moved house as a child, my student home was already furnished, and I stayed on there until a couple of years ago when I moved into this flat which was largely furnished by Facebook Marketplace, so I've never really had any need to. I was mostly taken with the canteen, which I've been thinking about since I read this some years ago, and lived up to those expectations.
  • We did some dogsitting. Edie (pictured above) took a little while to settle down but once she had she mostly just slept on the armchair. She was very sweet.
  • My accountant is making me do things. The woes of the small business owner.
  • Speaking of, Bassey started working with me! Very exciting stuff; he's picking things up super-quickly, looking forward to seeing where it all goes.
  • There was a community fun day for our neighourhood where we saw some of the folk who are involved in the community garden I mentioned last week. It was the kind of thing you might expect from a community fun day and it was genuinely very heartwarming.
  • Fringe has begun; only three days in and I'm already turbo-tired. Reviews forthcoming in our Fringe Friday newsletter over at the Seagull—sign up now!

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