Weeknotes 1515


Weeknotes 1515
  • We won't have another repeaty-number weeknotes number for a couple of years, so enjoy this one!
  • It was my birthday on Monday and I've embarked on another project.
  • We went to Edinburgh last week and I'm visiting my parents this weekend so the day itself was mostly just a fairly easy work day and relaxing evening, which is what I like. I got a lovely orange jumper from CM so I was very happy.
  • The week also featured several visits to A&E, all of which seemed a bit excessive at the time but thankfully all of which ended up providing the solution to the problems we were having.
  • We had some meetings with folk for Seagull, I had some meetings with folk for Cybersyn, recorded the first episode of Memhaz in a while; ultimately a very productive week.
  • There's a community garden across the road we've been trying to get in touch with via email and social media since CM moved in; they've had some volunteer days recently and we went along to one, ended up being the only ones there and the guy immediately gave us a massive patch directly opposite our block of flats to look after.
  • Having a nice time in Dorset, which I will go now and continue to do.