12 Projects/12 Months

it's my birthday and I'm once again doing too much

12 Projects/12 Months

It's my birthday, and like last year I've decided to use it to set out on a new meta-project. (It really helps, I think, that it comes in mid-Spring, when everything starts to look a bit nicer and sunnier and things seem a bit more possible.)

One thing that book on bootstrapping I read reminded me is that doing something is the best way to understand how to do something. With that in mind, I'm trying to do 12 projects in 12 m0nths. At this stage I'm not actually sure what each of the 12 projects is going to be—I've got a list of >12 ideas and I'll pick from them as we go. They run the gamut from web services to in-person groups to one-man shows to courses to megagames. Which of these will make the cut will probably be down to how much juice I have for them in any given month.

Project 1, which will run until the 24th of May, is TweetLimit. I stopped using Twitter for a number of reasons, but a large part is that my craving for novelty made it difficult for me not to Just Scroll. But what if you were only presented with a tightly limited timeline—the last 24 hours, say? Or just the top tweets from the last 24 hours, plus replies? I'm working out exactly the form it will take, but it'll be something like that.

12P12M begins here.