Weeknotes 1503

adhd and stuff

Weeknotes 1503
  • This Monday, I had an appointment with a doctor who told me I have ADHD. I will write more about this soon, but that is certainly something that will affect a lot of different things in my life!
  • Everything else is probably going to seem a bit more low-key after that.
  • Immediately after getting that diagnosis we went to the Fiddler's Elbow to listen to people playing Irish folk bangers.
  • On Tuesday we went to see the show flat at the new development that's been built by my old university. I have conflicted feelings about the design of most new builds but unfortunately this city is full of absurdly-priced shoebox flats and these seem nicer, more spacious, and are being built on wasteland (I walked or bussed past it every day for nearly ten years, bewildered that someone hadn't done something with it). We'll be going back in a month or so to look at the houses they've got, when they've finished building them.
  • Wednesday we sorted out a bunch of Seagull stuff–we now have a pitching guide and have set up a mailing list for contributors; excited to see what sort of pitches come our way.
  • On Thursday I had an extended wait in the doctor's for them to sort out my eye (already infection-prone, it currently seems to be in a permanently conjuncted state) and it gave me a cold. Great stuff.
  • On Friday my great-aunt came to visit, we had a little wander around town and she said how much it's all changed since she used to visit Brighton with her friends back in the day. I was thinking about how I've been here for just over ten years now, and was trying to remember what's changed in that time. I can mostly think of things that have been added, not taken away, which hopefully is a sign of glass-half-full thinking.
  • Saturday CM and I did our Valentine's day stuff—went for a wander round Stanmer Park in the morning and to Moshimo in the evening, where I tried umeshu plum wine and discovered my new favourite drink.
  • Today we're taking it easy :)

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