Weeknotes 1502

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Weeknotes 1502
  • Last week was a bit slow and I was a bit tired by the end, so here's two weeks in one.
  • After literally a year (I got the domain renewal email the other day!), we've finally worked out exactly what we want to do with Seagull—now The Brighton Seagull. Currently we're in the process of soft-launching, refining the initial part of our offering (a weekly news roundup) and this month we're getting our ducks in a row for the next phase, involving more original reporting, which is very exciting! Go and subscribe if you haven't already.
  • A friend of mine who's never had a trad office job but is thinking about a career transition spent some time with me at work last week, which we referred to as an "internship". A lot of it was just chatting about how I structure my day and what systems I use, but it can be useful to explain things you maybe haven't questioned in a while to someone who's not acculturated to Office Life.
  • I finished Disco Elysium, my one (1) game this year. Last year's was Cyberpunk 2077, which had its moments but wasn't really that good. This was; I mentioned on the podcast and I'm going to write some more about it soon, but it was absolutely cracking, a strong recommend to basically anyone.
  • CM being Irish, we celebrated the anniversary of Bloody Sunday by watching In The Name Of The Father, which was excellent, though I was very disappointed to note the dad was in an entirely different prison to the main guy, and also that the lawyer didn't, in real life, luck into finding a file in the police archives marked FOLDER OF LIES, DO NOT SHOW TO PUBLIC. I did like the cameo made by Patrick Woolton from House of Cards as the DPP.
  • We went to vegan chipshop No Catch with our friend Geeta and her two tiny chihuahuas Pedro and Gus. The restaurant is very dog-friendly (several much larger dogs came in during our lunch and were very chill about being yapped at) and the vegan fish, which we were a little apprehensive about, was delicious! The only issue I had is I wasn't quite hungry enough to finish a regular portion; a large portion sounds terrifying.
  • I managed to bruise my rib doing MMA—not by getting kicked or anything, but when I tripped over doing an exercise. Hardcore.

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