Weeknotes 1500

1/3 of the way through

Weeknotes 1500
  • Went home to see my brother for his birthday, except it's not really "home" because my parents recently moved from the place they have lived my whole live to be a bit closer to my grandparents. New place is a fixer-upper too, which I think adds to the feeling of dislocation. Was nice to see family and dog though.
  • Watched my first WWE PPV (or whatever it is they're calling them now) for... getting on for two years? I definitely watched the first lockdown Mania, and and I've watched some of the AEW shows since the Punk return, but I don't think I've seen much since. Beyond a surprising amount of cast turnover, very little seems to have changed. I did think Big E seemed like a good champion so I was quite annoyed that they had him jobbing to Brock the first time I saw him defend.
  • I finally (only half-way into the first month of the year) completed my year planning and goals. There are some major ones and some minor ones, but they're mostly centered around the theme of building—whether building my business, building up audiences for some of my projects, or building up these sweet guns 💪
  • Speaking of, more planning for unannounced or semi-announced projects. This year's going to have a lot more projects actually happening, I think! Seagull plans have solidified. Selective Memory recording dates are planned. Things are moving.
  • I also finished the questionnaires for my ADHD diagnosis appointment. It certainly seems a little bit odd that the way you set up someone to be tested for executive dysfunction is to make them fill out a load of forms, but what do I know, I might not even have it.
  • Finally: I've been alive for 1500 weeks, apparently. It both does and doesn't sound like a lot. If I'm lucky, I'm about 1/3rd of the way through.

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