Weeknotes 1499

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Weeknotes 1499
  • The second and third weeks of my Christmas break were full of stuff but none of it was particularly interesting to write about, so I didn’t do weeknotes. Lots of exciting house admin and personal admin and tidying and haircuts and reseasoning cast iron &c. &c.
  • My first week back I wanted to give myself a bit of a rest from posting to ease myself back in. Now: I’m back.
  • We started making sourdough, about a year and a half after everyone else. We’ve been growing our starter (which we have named Lil’ Tubs, for reasons too silly to explain) slowly for around 3 months so we thought we should actually do something with it, so we baked Big Tubs; a delicious loaf with a crisp crust and a springy crumb. The next step is adding in some rosemary and sea salt :)
  • I went to an MMA class, which was intense and absolutely knackering but genuinely great fun. One of the things I meant to do last year but couldn’t is get into some kind of social sport or activity (I’m also going to start going to the local park run in a month or two). I was never much of one for team sports, but I used to do judo when I was younger, and this feels like the logical next step. My pro wrestling fandom has never quite translated into UFC, which has always seemed a bit intense, but after this I think I might have to give it another look.
  • A friend of ours was performing at an Irish folk music night at the Irish pub in town so we went along and it was lovely and cozy and pleasant. It’s reminded me that so much of the last year and a half has been spent not going out for Covid reasons that I (someone who is instinctively a bit of a homebody anyway) have forgotten how fun it is to just go out to stuff. The last week has had several days which recall the way I used to spend my time, going from thing to thing to thing and coming home tired and happy. Hopefully this year will bring more of that.

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