Weeknotes 1496

merry cliffmas

Weeknotes 1496
  • So for the last time this year, we return.
  • This week started as it went on: with me having to wake up early despite being on holiday. In the first instance, this was for my vaccine booster, which was, in marked contrast to my last few vaccination centre visits, so swift that I was out 3 minutes before the time I was officially booked in for!
  • Tuesday it was for a Solstice flight on the i360, which was really lovely; despite the cloudy conditions we were able to very clearly see the glowing red disc of the sun rise... and immediately get swallowed by the clouds. It was good, though! Might try again in the summer, if they're doing it at 5am or whenever the sunrise is in June. Afterwards I was meant to deliver my presents but was a bit donked by the vaccine. Not quite feverish-and-hallucinating donked, but enough to need a bit of a nap.
  • Wednesday was to help CM get to the station, and the rest of the day was a bit of a blur. I remember delivering presents and tidying up?
  • Thursday it was to travel to Dorset, Friday I didn't have to but because my brain was in the habit of doing so, it did. Saturday and Sunday, thankfully, I was spared. I've been spending most of my time chilling with my family and reading through my Pocket backlog.
  • Merry Christmas, everyone. For me, the 25th was the fourth and final Christmas, having done several iterations of Christmas with various family and friends over the last few weeks. It was lovely, good church service in the morning and a nice dinner with the immediate family in the afternoon. I love Christmas and it was a very good one of those.

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