Weeknotes 1495


Weeknotes 1495

This week really felt like dragging myself over the finish line. Many things went wrong but it was all ok in the end.  Some parts were even good, like:

  • a carol service that I got to play a small part in, which was lovely;
  • early celebrations of both CM's birthday and Christmas while we're in Brighton to save us lugging presents down to Dorset, which were wonderful
  • making fudge as presents for friends and family
  • The bits that weren't good aren't worth dwelling on right now. Peace and goodwill to all :)

Nearly done with a year that's been both one of the best and most taxing of my life! I'm going to take a break from posting this week and (probably) next week, though I will still do weeknotes, even if they are a little late (like these ones). I have a plan for what I'm going to do with the blog in the new year, and hopefully I will be able to sort out the required technical bits to make that work over the holidays. Merry Christmas, and see you after all the festivities :)

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