Weeknotes 1477

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Weeknotes 1477
  • CM’s moving in in two weeks. Everything feels like it’s a little bit in stasis until that happens, though honestly I’ve felt like that for at least a month. I’m usually very concerned with finding items a permanent place, but for now I’m putting them anywhere, aware that it’s all going to be rejigged very soon.
  • We’ve ordered new shelves, new lamps; we’ve ordered smart bulbs and light strips and HomePods, we’ve got stuff coming in from all over the place. We’ve both taken the move week off, but I suspect it’s one of those “going to need a holiday to recover from the holiday” type of things. (I’m still looking forward to it, though!)
  • Here’s a discovery we made, for anyone who is thinking about getting a fancy Phonak hearing aid: you can, in fact, get them online for nearly a grand less than the price you can get them in shops, which is absolutely bananas. I’m glad I googled it! CM’s new hearing aids will be arriving soon, and I'm very excited to discover how much trouble I'll get into for mumbled remarks now she'll be able to hear them.
  • I don’t want this to turn into Adam’s Gripes About Customer Service but Bulb really have messed me around over the last year and a bit. When I moved into the flat, there was a prepayment meter that I had to have topped up at the corner shop, and I had to wait a bit for it to be changed; then I could only change it for a smart meter; then I couldn’t get a smart meter because I had an immersion heater; then I couldn’t get one because there wasn’t enough space; then I could get a non-smart credit meter; then the guy said he made an appointment to have one of those fitted but he didn’t; then I was told it would actually be £120 to put in a normal meter; when the man eventually came out to put in the meter I was told that actually there was plenty of space for a smart meter, and he pointed out that almost every other meter in the flat was a smart meter. I was a little steamed. Anyway, at last, I have a normal electricity meter and I don’t have to remember to top it up. Glory be.
  • Went to the delightful Cin Cin in Hove for the first time after years of meaning to (since before it moved from North Laine!) with CM, Kat and Josef; the food was superb (the vegan options, while somewhat limited, were all great, particularly the wild mushroom risotto) and we had a nice chat with the waiter about the best vegan pizzas in Brighton.
  • I played some Overwatch with Bassey; his charging at a DVA yelling “YO! Respect me!” was one of the funniest things that happened this week. We also went to lunch with Bassey at North Laine's wonderful pay-what-you-want-food-that-would've-gone-to-waste outlet The Gardener and had some vegan arancini which was cracking.
  • CM’s mum came down to visit and we went to Planet India, which is still the best veggie/vegan Indian restaurant in Brighton. The starters do steal the show, though—the bhajis are the best I have ever had, the bhel puri is so crisp and cold and crunchy, the samosa crust so buttery—and they’re so filling you could probably skip the curry. I didn’t, though, and I had the leftovers today (masoor dall, extremely good).
  • This is a very food-centric weeknotes. What can I say, I Love To Eat.
  • I am, in general, feeling very good at the moment. My only  real issue is that I’ve not been able to find the time for all the projects I want to do. I think I’m going to try and carve out some more time for those in the back half of the year. I have some ideas that I am extremely excited about developing.

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