Weeknotes 1473

wareham, porridge, holidays

Weeknotes 1473

Pulling it back this week. Let's go.


  • This wasn't an eventful week, but it was one in which I felt like I was firing, if not on all cylinders, then on at least as many are available to me at the moment.
  • I've got into a pretty solid sleep cycle, 8 hours from 11pm to 7am, then I've got enough time for all my morning routine nonsense before I start working.
  • I've ended my biannual flirtation with intermittent fasting: porridge for breakfast is too strong a draw. I feel like I get into quite good routines about this kind of thing and then they'll fall away for no good reason; I'm interested to see how long this will last.
  • I'm trying to remember what happened this week but judging by the calendar while it was all very pleasant there was very little that could be said was noteworthy.
  • We went to Dorset on Saturday to visit my grandparents (header pic is me rowing us down the Frome), CM stayed on at her mum's because she's going to a wedding and I got the train back in the evening. Aside from the massive crowds of rowdy youths who got on with us at Southampton to go to Bournemouth in the morning and then ended up going back with me on the way back—I really have turned into my dad—it was a lovely journey! We had our own seats the whole way, I was able to make a dent in my Pocket backlog and I wasn't too distracted thanks to the spotty 'phone signal. I didn't enjoy the train journey more than the visit itself, of course, but I did really enjoy the train journey.
  • Still in the process of reorganising my systems; I think this will probably drag on until the week after next. This coming week is quite a full one work-wise, but the two after that I'm taking off (after months of my new freelancer-brain saying "no you can't, you won't be earning anything!". I need a break.), the first of which will be a (cringe) "staycation" where CM and I do a bunch of touristy stuff in Brighton (also encompasses our one year anniversary, wild stuff) and the latter of which I have completely free, and will probably end up being me clearing out my Pocket and continuing to re-organise my planning and notes systems. It really, honestly, earnestly is something I love doing. They're so perfect in my head before they dissolve on contact with reality.

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