Weeknotes 1470

clearing out the attic

Weeknotes 1470


  • I'll be honest, this week was just as busy work-wise as the last couple! Should be calming down at least somewhat from here, though.
  • The whole of the week was consequently pretty work-dominated, though I did get around to writing up the Odditorium from the week prior for Seagull, and we went to a few more Fringe shows—Lily Phillips was excellent.
  • I went home to visit my family this weekend, and dig through some old stuff from the attic ahead of my parents' house move. Some choice old pictures:
  • Some fun stuff about baby Adam's early words; I really like the jump from standard stuff to extreme religiosity at some point between my 15 1/2th and 16 1/2th month:
  • There was also this Easter card(?) which displays a curiously Catholic sensibility for a child with as Protestant an upbringing as mine.

I also discovered:

  • an old Gamecube I bought off my friend Scott when we were in secondary school to help him finance his purchase of a Wii, which I will be returning to him whenever I next see him;
  • the standard bevy of report cards that attest to the fact that in many ways I haven't changed much since I was about 5;
  • a St Christopher medallion that apparently I was given when I was born by a family friend but has been languishing in the cupboard for years;
  • a number of commemorative coins(?) for the Millenium and the Queen's Golden Jubilee—and a lot of other tat related to the village's Golden Jubilee celebrations;
  • Every birthday card up until the age of 18;
  • A lot of documents relating to my extracurricular activities—highlights include starring in an opera when I was in primary school, a number of play/concert appearances and starting a company in secondary school;
  • The national/local newspapers from the day I was born. The prices on the estate agent ads for houses in the South East in the early 90s really do feel like they're from another planet. Taking inflation into account they're ~3x more expensive (not doing so, they're 5-6x, which doesn't mean anything but man, those numbers!);
  • heaps of old toys and Warhammer that will be heading straight to the charity shop;
  • and finally, a very funny and on-brand bit of school work:

I have read so little this week there are no links. Sorry!

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