What's up with those LBC headlines on the BT screens?

What's up with those LBC headlines on the BT screens?

A few years ago, to the consternation of... presumably some people other than just me, some big BT-branded screens went up all around Brighton in place of phoneboxes that are constantly displaying adverts for things. They're awful and they break up the streets and I hate them.

One thing they do that's really obnoxious is show LBC headlines. What's fascinating, though, is that most of these headlines feel like are almost completely useless, because they present thoroughly incomplete information and are being displayed in a setting that mostly doesn't allow you to get more context. If I'm walking down the street, I'm probably on my way somewhere, and not easily able to dial my radio to LBC, so many of them have this oddly detached quality, like you're getting half a story.

Some of them, to be fair, are pretty self-explanatory: "Teacher admits to murdering boyfriend and burying body in garden" does tell you a complete story. It's a bit thin on details and I wouldn't say it really did much to improve my day, but it is at least a complete story. There's a teacher, she killed her boyfriend and buried him in the garden.

Most of them, though, are a bit more like this:

  • Masked man who ‘threatened to blow himself up’ arrested after four people taken hostage in Dutch bar
  • "Nottingham victim's mother tells police to 'show respect' after graphic post"
  • "Dame Esther Rantzen to 'open bottle of champagne live on air' if assisted dying vote takes place"

Not having existing context for any of these stories prior to seeing the headline lends a slightly Day Today vibe there. I could be wrong, but I don't recall the Sky News headlines they have on the big screen at the station quite having this savour.

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