Weeknotes 1582


Weeknotes 1582


  • CM was in Ireland visiting friends for most of the beginning of the week; unlike the last time this happened, which I largely managed to fill with seeing various friends, I tried to bash through a bunch of stuff I've had in my Big Backlog Of Things, and I made a decent fist of getting through it! I also had mercy on myself and ruthlessly deleted a fair few things I realised I just wasn't going to do. Still clearing out the list but I should have a few of the bigger things nailed before too long.
  • I went to get CM from Gatwick Tuesday evening and she immediately came down with something and spent most of the next day in bed :( Still not back to 100% but she's at least a bit better now.
  • Work has been very busy but is imminently going to be less so. We have also signed for a new office that is not right next to my flat but is equidistant between me and my cofounder, and right next door to my BJJ gym so I will have way fewer excuses not to go 😅. One of our favourite client contacts is leaving, though, which is very sad.
  • Took my friend Victor out for lunch for his birthday; nearly everyone in my academic year is 30 now, and I think most of us feel like it suits us quite well.  


  • Craig Mod's stuff on walking is always great, this, about walking in the Lake District, is particularly good. He lives and mostly walks in Japan, and seems to have a mostly US audience, and it's funny to watch his usual (non-patronising) 'quaint local customs/the person who made my food said to me...' thing being turned on my own country. He's thankfully not the American we sometimes joke about whose romantic notion of England is dissolved on contact with a Tesco.
  • I really want to read the Fury Road book after reading this series of anecdotes from it. The lads on poles were a practical effect!
  • Good thing about meta-lessons we can learn from all the superconductor excitement.


  • Watched Back to the Future with the gang which I discussed a bit on the latest Memhaz.

Short week this week. Keep it real gang! over and out.

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