Weeknotes 1572

It's just been a really good week!

Weeknotes 1572


  • Writing this on a lovely sunny Sunday afternoon—we went to a dog show in Shoreham and a comedy show in Hove and now we're just having an relaxing afternoon.
  • A bunch of nice things happened this week! We had Monday off and got to spend it Just Chilling, the best way to spend a bank holiday.
  • Sorting out some new business stuff with a pal, we have some exciting plans!
  • After months of trying to resist going back to the steroid well for my eczema I gave in and man it's so much better it isn't even funny. A couple of days on it and it's markedly better, and I am in an appreciably better mood for it.
  • I saw my friend Chris for the first time in years, which was really lovely; we caught up and had a chat and he offered some help with Seagull stuff which was very sweet.
  • After ages waiting for my accountants to sort some paperwork, we got a mortgage in principle sorted and viewed some flats! After spending a very long time trying to get to this point, it's remarkable how quickly it comes together. It's like a rollercoaster, actually; lots of long slow windups, a bit of a pause, then going very fast. It's also notable how instantly certain parts of the process (dealing with people who are trying to sell you things) turn you off completely.
  • Fringe is over! It always feels like it goes so quickly and I'm sad that I didn't take as much advantage of the Caravansarai area as I might've liked. It was a real banger from a performance point of view, though: there was some stuff I saw that was Just Fine, but nothing that was a complete dud and plenty that was genuinely excellent.


  • More Fringe reviews!
  • This, about people who seem to want to get into a field to make their job their identity.
  • This, about an annoying thing I saw on Linkedin, got steamed up about and wrote too many words about, which I have now edited and published.

I've been going through my old drafts and trying to Just Publish Stuff, so hopefully more of that to come soon.


  • Finished Raven Stratagem, really enjoying these Machineries Of Empire books!
  • Trying to clear through my massive Readwise backlog, very very slowly.


  • We watched the Phillip Schofield interview, which, while not providing any material quite as wild as the Prince Andrew interview (Amol Rajan not being quite the interviewer Emily Maitlis is) still had some real moments: "I had a wonderfu marriage–have a wonderful marriage! Er... not brilliant right now..."


  • On the recommendation of one of the General Intellect Unit crew, I've been listening to Fight Like An Animal, which is very interesting—not sure how much I agree with it, but certainly very interesting.

keep it real folks! over and out

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