Weeknotes 1538

busy, tired, happy

Weeknotes 1538
  • I was back to work after a week off—it's always easier than you think, but I had a bit of a rougher landing than usual, mostly because I was still shaking off the absolutely apocalyptic cold I came down with last week. This drained my batteries a bit and made everything a bit more of a drag than it should have been, which in turn made it more difficult for me to do everything else I wanted to etc etc. If there's one thing that's kept me going this week it's been that I've done some exercise every morning and meditated first thing and last thing; cannot stress how helpful that is.
  • On a more positive medical-related note: I'm titrated for my ADHD medication! This means I can be passed back to my GP and I now only need to see the very lovely but very expensive private doctor annually. He was actually somewhat apologetic for the whole thing: I think he's an NHS doctor who's doing this on the side.
  • Speaking of expensive things: I had my first ever proper driving lesson on Wednesday. How do teenagers pay for these? My last time behind a wheel was when I was 16 and my dad took me to an industrial estate car park; I got spooked quickly and never tried again (though it would've been really useful, living as I did in the sticks with very infrequent public transport). I've been in a city with much better public transport since I was 18 but train unreliability causing issues with trips to see relatives and the desire to go to places that are a bit out the way finally got me to sign up for lessons. Something like a year later (that COVID backlog) I am finally getting them. My instructor was excellent and I felt very comfortable in the car; not a feeling I've had previously, so I'm hoping this will all go quickly.
  • We've been watching Andor, and it's really breaking the stretch of Star Wars shows being mediocre. Also, [unnamed character] has the same podcast mic boom arm as I do lol
  • Speaking of podcasts: Memhaz for the first time in a month was invigorating. Good reasons to have bumped it all round, of course, but I'm always happy to get back to it. Realised afterwards it's our 8-year anniversary. I like to think however long the gap between shows we have, it's just going to rattle on forever now.
  • Friday morning I bumped into my old housemate while out for my morning jog, after lunch CM and I bumped into another friend in Infinity and we ended up going for coffee; after work I was heading to Josef's for Memhaz and I bumped into some old colleagues who were heading home after a conference. On Saturday we bumped into some friends while out for lunch and ended up going for a post-lunch coffee. Serendipitous encounters like this really do improve a day—even if they through off your schedule a bit. Talking to people in general: good. Being part of an accelerator program has been very beneficial for that as when you've got a shared sense of aspiration, if not exact trajectory, those conversations can be very exciting.
  • The week ended with choral evensong, which, as an end to the week, is pretty good.

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