Weeknotes 1533

week off!

Weeknotes 1533
  • It's been a week off, and I have (pretty well) managed to adhere to my strategy of planning as little as possible in advance. I'd say it paid off!
  • We went by the vegan market held in The Open Market and bought a bunch of vegan cheeses, which were absolutely smashing. We ate our way through our faves, so now we know which ones we like for next time :)
  • I played some videogames for the first time in what feels like ages! I finally finished the main story of Control after years, and made a start on the DLC. I also played a little way into the tremendously evocative point-and-click Norco. I think that's probably it for my #gaming for another few months at least now!
  • We want to the London Transport Museum, which was delightful, its exhibitions containing a surprising number of vehicles we could climb into, and its tat shop was a feast for the eyes, even if everything that caught them was either eye-wateringly expensive or a cool idea not really fit-for-purpose (sofas with tube-seat patterns: yes. sofas with actual tube seat fabric: no).
  • We went to see But I'm A Cheerleader at the Duke of York's (I'm clearly becoming a Cinema Guy) which was a really pleasantly warm-hearted but also very silly film about a teenager who gets sent to a gay conversion camp (it might not sound like propitious material initially, but it's very deftly handled).
  • I went to Interesting in London—after none for a couple of years that's two London trips in as many weeks! I've been following Russell Davies blog since I was a kid watching Christopher Eccleston in Doctor Who I read his columns in WIRED in the school library. I've seen many posts go by talking about Interesting but I've never been to one, until now. (I've got another thing like that coming up this week in dConstruct.) The standout talks for me were Anne Shewring and Maurice East—both very different in tone and content—but the general standard outside of that was still very good; even the ones I liked less were still worthwhile. The one thing that really stuck out to me is the one-way relationships I had with many people I spotted in the audience whose blogs I've been reading for years as I had Russell Davies'—and just how old they looked. There are some folks who've not changed their profile pics in a while.
  • Had a lot of ideas for stuff that I'm going to try my hardest to make into reality over the next few months. Looking forward to it :)

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