Weeknotes 1528

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Weeknotes 1528
  • We had a Seagull meeting—we've been publishing for 6 months, so we wanted to take stock, think about where we've been and work out where we want to go. We have lots of plans for the next six months that I'm really excited about!
  • I was able to do some actual resting this holiday. I can't remember the last time that was the case. It was wonderful; I would highly recommend it.
  • It was my and CM's second anniversary. It feels like it's gone awfully fast. We had a relatively relaxed day and ate way too much. I wanted to write about the present I got her because I was quite happy with it, but I've still not quite got it working yet and I feel as though I have, in the words of a friend, managed to give her a concept for our anniversary. I'll write about it more once I've sorted it all out. She, much more practically, made me a lie-flat cookbook compiling all our favourite recipes, with glossy paper so it can be wiped clean.
  • CM's mum visited, and as with all her visits we found ourself gifted with a delightful new craft venture—this time, cushion-covers made from the same fabric we upholstered our dining table chairs with! They've even got opposite fabric piping; they're so nice.
not the best picture—but you can see the fabric is the same as the curtains and basically the same as the sofa too!
  • There was some late-night (well, until 8) Volk's running in support of VERA, and that's always lovely. It was bright and hazy and the view of town from the Marina station was wonderful.

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