Weeknotes 1507

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Weeknotes 1507
  • A month or so after CM moved in, we ordered a new sofa. Now, after about five months, it's finally arrived and I think it's been worth the wait! It's very comfy and it has much lower arms than the last one, which ~opens up the room~; as does our decision to fold down one side of the kitchen table and move it up against the bookcase, which leaves the middle of the kitchen a lot more open.
  • We made this massaman for the first time in ages, and while it's somewhat effortful to make it is absolutely delicious.
  • We've been trying to set up a shared Notion board as we were finding Roam didn't fit in as well as we'd like with our communal workflow. I find that people think of them as suitable for different kinds of people, but personally I find them 'differently useful'—Roam (I've now moved to Obsidian but it's basically the same) is great for notes, Notion is good for (to my mind) more 'static' things, which makes it much better for e.g. recipes, weekly debrief procedure, etc.
  • As I mentioned in this week's Memhaz, I've been thinking a bit more about how I dress, and in that spirit we spent a while on Friday afternoon wandering around charity and vintage shops in town. I was slightly surprised at the distribution of things I ended up with—one shirt, one jacket, three pairs of shoes—but it was a successful trip, and one that I hope to repeat soon.
  • We met up with a guy who's interested in helping with the photography for Seagull. Not being as au fait with how the non-words side of things operates, it was really useful to get his input and really exciting to think about how we can grow that side of the publication!

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