Weeknotes 1504

dubs, mugs, plugs

Weeknotes 1504
  • Quite severely bruised my foot last weekend kicking my friend in the kneecap at MMA. The rest of these weeknotes are written while limping.
  • We had our 'actual' Valentine's Day at the weekend, so the 14th was a nice cosy evening of leftover masoor dal, Planet India bhajis and the Lost S3 finale.
  • I've started working with a new client, and it's been immediately really easy to fit in with their rhythms and way of doing things, which is what you always hope for!
  • Went to the Basketmakers with some friends in the week; realised it's the first time I've been in there since early 2020? I love the Basketmakers, best pub in Brighton, and they've got some YellowHammer Carnival cider, which is cracking.
  • Man came to replace the hob, which shattered when I dropped a mug on it. CM has since been telling everyone to buy Cornishware mugs because they're apparently indestructable. New hob is instantly better by virtue of having temperature dials, not buttons.
  • We went to Dublin! Due to its unfortunately coinciding with Storm Eunice, our trip out was very delayed and it rained the whole time, but apparently that's normal.
  • Dublin feels like a continental European capital but also like London. (I'm told there's a reason for this.) Nice old buildings, less nice new ones, a lot of pubs.
  • We met up with my friend Sean, who I've not seen for ages, which was lovely; and CM's friend Rob who I'd not met before. We also ate far too much—strong rcommendations for The Rolling Donut, The Vegan Sandwich Co and Sova Vegan Butcher.
  • Then back home, where we were again delayed, but thankfully less so. And sleeping 😴

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