Weeknotes 1494

ill ill ill

Weeknotes 1494
  • Continuing a theme from last week, this week I have mostly been ill, exhausted, or ill and exhausted. You might have noticed the absence of posts last week; this is why. I've been off work a bit, too. It's not much fun being ill, or having that kind of slowly-dragging-on illness which rolls from a cold into a chest infection into another cold and even when you think you're mostly better doesn't quite let you settle. As of today, however, I'm pretty much completely better, fingers crossed it stays that way!
  • In better news we have got onto series 2 of Lost, which has one of the most effective cold opens in TV history. Bassey insisting on coming over to rewatch it with us. It also reminded me quite how much of the INTENSE SHOUTING that people do (mostly Jack does) in that show isn't really justified and largely just serves to dramatically elevate dialogue scenes. Like a more angsty West Wing walk-and-talk.
  • We watched a (streamed) Gresham College lecture on Christmas carols which was precisely my kind of thing, though you could play a drinking game with it for the number of times the lad presenting said "nostalgia".
  • I went to a Transform Brighton and Hove meeting where I gave them the third degree about how they should get a website, so naturally they asked me if I wanted to make the website, which I am now doing. I love nothing better than embarking on new projects.
  • I had a chat with a friend which was enlightening to me about the nature of my feelings about certain contentious topics and made me realise that, in the default Memhaz analysis move, the issue might be on a different axis to the one usually under consideration. More on this to come when I've thought a bit more about it.
  • CM's mum visited this weekend, and brought us our Christmas presents! Mine were some lovely patterned hankerchiefs she made and an excellent (and enormous) scarf she crocheted in my favourite colour, a shade of dark orange usually referred to by clothiers as 'rust' or 'tobacco'. This is the first of the four(?) Christmases we're going to have this year. Ho ho ho.

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