Weeknotes 1489

mate this jacket is so good

Weeknotes 1489
I also got a haircut two days before so I'm looking extra fresh
  • Biggest news is undoubtedly my new jacket. I saw it in the window of a local vintage shop and was transfixed (as were several others). I very nearly passed it up on the basis that it was a ridiculous thing to buy but CM got me to try it on and it fit and was lovely and comfortable so I bought it.  Tim Rogers and his William Gibson jacket have got nothing on me. I got stares on the walk home and a guy asked me where I'd got it, so I think I am inevitably going to become The Orange Reese's Jacket Guy to everyone in central Brighton.
  • Yes, I've been Tim-pilled. For those who haven't had the pleasure: Tim Rogers makes bananas-long videos about videogames which, much like LRB essays, often end up being about almost anything else before they resolve to being about the game in question. Like office chairs. Or streetwear. Or Keanu Reeves. These are all examples from his 10-hour long Cyberpunk review that's split into 8 different videos. Anyway: I first encountered Mr. Rogers at his old blog, Action Button Dot Net, where he wrote things which, with the benefit of hindsight, probably weren't actually that long, but felt very long when I was reading them as a teenager. I took against the Too Many Words and rode that first impression all the way until I couldn't stop hearing all the lads on Discord talking about the Cyberpunk review, so I watched it and now I'm a convert. "I was born stupid, however, I will not die hungry. Video games forever." is the best signoff anyone has ever had.
  • This week has had a lot of planning and prep in it. CM and I are gearing up for a Seagull organising meeting, my brother and I are getting comic pages ready for our comic to launch sometime soon and they look sick, I'm doing some preparation for a couple of initiatives I'm not even going to talk about yet—but trust me, they're very exciting.
  • It's also been a good week for seeing people I haven't seen in person in a while—went for a drink with my friend Gabriel, who I haven't seen since (I think) the 2019 election, and Kat and Josef came over for dinner and we went to see the fireworks at Preston Park. CM got to hear fireworks properly for the first time with her new hearing aids!
  • I didn't mention this last week, but I've started lifting again, along with CM, and it's been great. I'm trying out Starting Strength; I figured I've been doing Stronglifts on and off for the last 5 years or so, I might as well try the other internet-basic lad's workout. Quite liking it so far! Just started introducing the power clean. I'm writing something a bit longer about this but Sasha Chapin's post on the topic is true: it's pretty easy, just crack on!
  • Keep it real, gang! Over and out.

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