Weeknotes 1488

uh oh, that's a bad number

Weeknotes 1488
  • Uh oh. Picked a bad number to come back on.
  • It's been too long! I feel like I owe somewhat of an explanation: I had an intense, paralysing bout of anxiety that spun me out and stopped me doing a lot of stuff. I have started therapy again and (no shade to previous therapists!) it's already feeling way more effective than previous times I have had it. I strongly suspect this is because I now know what to expect and also the last few runs at it have "softened me up" and I'm able to talk about things in a way I wasn't before. Hopefully this will solve all my problems.
  • Good stuff has happened in the interim, though. CM has moved in with me, which has been going very well, the flat has been reconfigured quite a lot and it's looking very nice. The books are split into fiction and non-fiction. She has organised the fiction by colour; I have promised but not yet organised the non-fiction by topic.
  • We've done a lot of stuff in the last little while. One of the most exciting was something I've wanted to do for years: a wind farm tour. Got on a little boat and headed out to the offshore Rampion farm. Those things really are awe-inspiring up close. The blades on the turbines look like bones.
  • Feeling very tired at the moment. Some combination of the days shortening, clocks changing and the fact that I'm doing way more exercise than I was before. I am still going to try and start writing regularly again, though—because I'm Like That. I will also try and do something different as a newsletter because I like the idea of having a newsletter.
  • Over and out.

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