First Day Of Spring

My health has been quite bad the last few weeks, and to compound it the weather has been almost universally dreary. Whenever we've had even the hint of blue sky I've been outside to try and make the most of it. The drab sameness of the clouds is been punctuated chiefly by pouring rain. A friend I was talking to said that he didn't mind as much if it's foggy—that's at least atmospheric, and it brings a novel feeling of confinement, a lower ceiling. What we've got now is an impenetrable high white sky with no sign of a real sun, just an occasional diffused brightness, like you're in Anor Londo.

Today, just after lunchtime the clouds cleared fully for the first time and we had a full clear tall blue sky. I had just wrapped up a call and I decided to go and work from home for the rest of the afternoon and walk home in the sunshine, and it made me the happiest I've been in weeks. I know in theory that the weather has a profound effect on my mood, but I think, if there's no big life stuff going on, it might actually be the single most significant factor.

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