1628: the pop out

1628: the pop out


  • Another absolutely dud month in terms of bad stuff happening with my friends and family. I am hoping things settle down a bit now.
  • However: I did go home last weekend and it was nice to see my parents and brother, we had a nice swim in the sea at Swanage and I went out on the boat with Dad for a bit. It was oddly calming being in a damp, moldy tub in the rain.
  • I also saw my nan, just back from a holiday on the Isle of Wight. She had a great time, visited a donkey sanctuary apparently.
  • I've been running training sessions for a client at work, and while it's incredibly tiring I really really enjoy it; possibly one of my favourite things to do.
  • The general election happened. Was very weird to not be out campaigning and stuff. Undeniably satisfying to watch the Tories completely eat dirt.


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  • Watching The Acolyte: the first couple of episodes were extremely mid, Star Wars Flavour Streaming Show stuff, the third one picked up sustantially, the fourth was too short and the rest have returned to being mid. Part of me thinks I'll give up on this trash entirely when Andor S2 is done, but I probably won't.
  • The Drake/Kendrick beef largely happened when I was in Stress Hell, but I was following along as best I could. It was nice to be a bit more with it for the coda of Kendrick's big victory lap concert where he did the song where he calls Drake a nonce six times in a row.
  • We're nearly finished series 3 of Gilmore Girls! A very sweet moment in one of the recent episodes saw some lads at a party excitedly describing cool moments in the background of shots of Return of the King to each other, which felt very true to my experience of being a teenager.

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