1620: 7-11 adventures

1620: 7-11 adventures


  • The last few weeks have really put me through the wringer. I've spoken about the worst of it for me, but aside from that some other people I know had some really difficult stuff going on and it's been tough to see and tougher if I've not been able to help :(
  • Some of it's been good! But you know that Holmes and Rahe scale thing: some big things can still be a stressor even if it's good.
  • So it was with our trip to Sweden for a wedding (that CM was invited to but not me). Absolutely cracking time, went on a tour of the Parliament, went round the Vasa Museum which absolutely rips (it's a massive 400-year-old ship!), ate a lot of 7-11 vegan hotdogs and came home exhausted.
  • We also went to a packed seder held by a friend in their tiny living room—a really delightful experience.
  • I also turned 31, which I can't believe I forgot until I checked back through my calendar, but that was a little island of pleasantness in the sea of things generally being a bit much. We did all the usual Nice Chill Stuff With Pals, had a rainy barbecue, I recieved some very thoughtful gifts including a great new orange jacket, some waterproof notebooks (because I managed to put mine through the wash, and because I always complain about forgetting the ideas I have in the shower), a picture of the Pricemaster who's currently sitting on my desk reminding me not to sell myself short.
  • very tired, but we are starting to enter the more consistently sunny bit of the year, which helps lift my mood.



  • Our favourite local restaurant, Planet India, was on Come Dine With Me: The Professionals, which we've been waiting to be broadcast for MONTHS. Watch our pal Neez talk to his food, dress 10x cooler than anyone on screen etc.
  • Fringe has started and we're out amongst it: because we're making early access to Fringe Friday a paid subscriber benefit, you'll be able to read my reviews tomorrow. Nathan Cassidy was really good though!
  • I read a book called My Morning Routine that was a collection of people's morning routines. I was not looking to be challenged, and I was not, but it was nice and chill.

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