1617: brighton's pass time

busy busy busy

1617: brighton's pass time


  • It's been a month since the last proper one of these! Took a break for Easter then had a particularly full-on few weeks but I'm back now.
  • Right now I'm in York visiting my grandma; the sun is shining and everything is nice! My aunt, uncle, and 'little' cousin (now 13 and nearly as tall as me!) came over too and I had a lovely time seeing them. CM was going to come but broke her foot kicking the sofa last week 😖
  • Properly started IFS. Only 4 sessions in and I'm already finding it tremendously beneficial—so much, in fact, that I have felt OK talking about it and recommending it to friends with a minimum of joking or apology for it being a bit woo. Have a go at No Bad Parts if you think you might be interested.
  • One of the local queer grassroots spaces has a Code Club they run and we went along to that and it turned out another friend of ours was there too and we ended up outnumbering the regulars.
  • After failing to organise anything amongst our usual wrestling chat, Ruth and James invited us to watch Mania at theirs, and it was really fun! Not been watching WWE for a few years and only really keeping up with what Bassey tells me when he's paying attention, so it was nice to tune back in and realise that everything is in a slightly different place, and I manage to keep using the names people had one or two years back.
  • Ruth (MLB fan) also got a bunch of us down to Brighton Baseball Club to watch the first game of their season (which happened to be the two Brighton teams against each other), and the head coach came over and had a chat with us and made friends and now we're baseball people I guess? Can't go this week but will definitely be back next week.
  • We had an abbreviated weekend away which was lovely but we left a bit early because I had an anxiety flare-up. Thankfully, we went through Crowborough on the way back and had a ride on their miniature railway which made the whole thing worth it.
  • The last month or so has been one long slow-rolling rejig of our flat. It probably wouldn't be super-obvious to outside observers, but we shook up our storage system (moving everything that's long-term storage into the cupboard that's blocked off by my bed so we shouldn't need to access it too often), reorganised our wardrobe storage systems, Vinted/charity shopped a bunch of clothes we never wear and then substantially reorganised the kitchen to make it easier to access sauces, cereals, sandwich spreads and special teas. Probably some more stuff I'm forgetting but I feel like we've taken another step towards the Ideal Flat Arrangement.
  • I also got myself some nice fancy linen sheets because they were orange, someone was selling them for a big discount on Vinted and I've wanted them for ages. They are really nice.
  • Work has been very busy and in some ways very difficult but I'm feeling the most energised for it that I have in months :)



  • Finished Rosewater for the next CR episode and have had to hold myself back from reading the next one.
  • Gilmore Girls continues. Jess has turned up and it's wild to think he was Peter Petrelli in Heroes only 5 years after this, he looks like such a tiny baby. His smirks also make it look like he's doing the Dreamworks face, an observation CM has asked me to stop making as apparently it ruined the character for her.
  • Making my way (slowly) through How To Read A Book (CM keeps asking me how I can read all these other books before I finish that one) and The Well-Educated Mind. The older I get, the more I notice—not necessarily regret, but definitely notice—the ways that my thinking has been shaped by my lack of formal education in non-STEM subjects after I was 16 (and if I'm honest, the lack of substance in some of the education I had in them prior to that. I'm not trying to become a Read The Classics guy but I definitely am trying to read some more of the big hitters.

Keep it real! Over and out.

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