1607: drawer organiser


1607: drawer organiser

CM was at her mum's looking after the cat for most of the week so honestly I've been a bit out of sorts and not up to much. I feel like I've been sleeping more than usual too. Not a terrible week, necessarily, but I wouldn't say it's a great one.


  • Went to a code club at a local queer community space; unfortunately I wasn't able to focus enough to get much done but the people were nice.
  • Shona had another gig along with some pals of theirs—Shona was excellent as always, the pals were also excellent—one of them (Alex Fincher) managed to include Star Wars references in their rap in a way that felt like a normal thing that someone who is into Star Wars would do rather than being some cringe nerdcore nonsense, which was tremendously impressive; the other (Oli Spleen) had a weirdly compelling, offbeat stage presence, and a keyboardist with a theramin who was very unafraid of just waving the antennae around. (There was a fourth act but I was way too tired and needed to sleep.)
  • I, uh, reorganised my desk drawer? Used some organiser thingies CM was going to throw out, I think it's quite nice now:
  • yeah it really was a quiet week wasn't it
  • Work was good though; lots of people wanting to work with us, which is always nice, and my pal Luke has been looking at some design bits for us and is nearly ready to show us what he's done!



  • I watched the aforementioned QAnon documentary.
  • As part of my full-spectrum Q coverage I started reading Will Sommer's Trust The Plan, which I'm enjoying—Sommer has the rare distinction of being a proper journalist who is as entertaining to read as he is interesting to listen to on podcasts.
  • Readwise Reader has introduced pagination, which means my little eink display Android tablet is finally usable for reading my big backlog of Readwise articles, so I'm getting through those a lot quicker than I would have otherwise.

Keep it real! Over and out.

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