1606: beep beep

vroom vroom

1606: beep beep

We bought a car! She is yellow like a bee, so we have called her Bea. I was looking at getting an electric car through the business but that fell through so we had a look on Autotrader for something cheap, CM thought this looked cute, we test-drove it, liked it and bought it! I think I'm happier with just a normal old car-car: there's no computer intermediary between you and the vehicle, everything is a button rather than a touchscreen, it's small enough to be easy to park in the city, cheap enough that the insurance is reasonable, no-one's gonna want to nick it, etc etc. It's also only had one owner since it was new and they only did 3000 miles a year, which sounds like it was someone's pop-to-the-shops vehicle, so it's not suffered much wear and tear. After months of using car club and hire cars I'm looking forward to having a car I can get use to and comfortable in.


  • I was off sick a fair bit this week so it's been a bit quieter than usual. Actually took a bit of time off, though, and feeling better for it.
  • Played some King of Tokyo with some friends, which was apparently designed by the same guy who designed Magic: The Gathering. It was quite fun—I have been burned by knowing some Board Game People who will want you to play for hours and hours but they're fine to play for just a bit.
  • The toaster caught fire and we had to call the fire brigade. I was quite sad as I bought it when I moved into the flat and I really liked it :(
  • My eczema, an occasional topic on here, has been doing really well; enough that I feel it worth noting! I might write some more on that next week.



  • Since I saw a bunch of people talking about the new series of True Detective, I realised I never watched anything past the first series, so I started on the second, which I seem to remember getting slated at the time but I'm enjoying it, even if it is pretty grim.
  • Still picking away at Rosewater, trying not to get into it too much yet.

Keep it real! Over and out.

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