1605: hot box

it's been warm

1605: hot box

We're nearly done with January! The days are slowly lengthening—CM has something on her watch which tells her how much longer and it always cheers me a bit (2 minutes and 9 seconds today; we're over 9 hours of daylight 💪)


  • I've realised that I like waking up earlier because I'm able to get stuff done before people have started emailing me, so I've been getting up at 6:30 and into the office for 8:00. Some days I do not always manage; it's difficult to get myself to bed in time all the time, but in general I think it's good.
  • Switched my Mac Mini and Macbook around so now the Mini's at home and the Macbook's in the office. This is intended to make me a bit more mobile at work and a bit more static at home (where I've got the standing desk). We'll see how that works.
  • Looking at starting a meetup group for young founders and talking to some people about that.
  • Work's been tricky but I think we're turning the corner.
  • Went to a sauna on the seafront on Friday. One of their boxes has views out across the sea and even if the waves are a bit choppy it feels very tranquil watching from inside. Would've been more tranquil without the chatty Spanish lads who had the cadence of a Joe Rogan episode, but honestly I found that kinda endearing.
  • Had a chat to a friend about some work problems he was having and we ended up having a really long chat about general life outlook and stuff and I feel like I was really able to help! Dunno whether I'd be able to do it for people who I don't know really well but I found it really fulfilling.
  • It was my Nan's 90th birthday so the whole family went down to Wareham and took her out for lunch. It was lovely seeing everyone—I've not seen most of them since Grandad's funeral, which was obviously a slightly less cheery occasion, and even though I was running on very little sleep and CM had had a very busy Friday we both had a smashing time. Dorset and back in a day is still quite a mission though 😅



  • Played it a lot of BG3 the train to and from Dorset on the Steam Deck; makes the journey fly by, but you've really got to bring a power adapter with you. I said I'd nearly finished act 3 last time but I meant Act 2; I've just finished that and arrived at Baldur's Gate itself. Think these robot lads might be bad.
  • Enjoying(?) No Bad Parts, a book about Internal Family Systems therapy by Richard Schwartz, the guy who invented it. My intuitive feeling is that the stuff he's describing isn't literally true, in the sense that there aren't literally other personalities in your head, but that it's a way of subconscious-spelunking that makes sense to the brain, but maybe that's just my Protestantism talking; some residual resistance to transubstantiation.
  • Gilmore Girls takes way longer to watch than you'd expect because we keep stopping during each episode to talk about it. Really enjoying it!

Keep it real! Over and out.

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