1604: cold snap

it's been cold

1604: cold snap

It's been chilly, a fact of which I'm all the more acutely aware because the heating in our office has been broken on-and-off since before Christmas.


  • Went to see my brother for his birthday on Tuesday, which was lovely; we went round the Tank Museum which we've not been to since we were kids. Lots of tanks.
  • Had lunch with a pal who's been laid off recently which is obviously sad but they seemed pretty upbeat about it which was heartening.
  • Had a nice chat with one of the lads I do BJJ with on the way home—he works as a video editor for Onlyfans corporate, which explains the stickers I've seen on bottles lying around.
  • Eczema is not great right now :(



  • Playing Baldur's Gate again; it remains good, think I've nearly finished Act 3.
  • Rosewater's good fun, trying not to read it too fast because I'm going to talk about it on a podcast and I don't want to have thoughts about it until an appropriate time for that.
  • CM and I have started watching Gilmore Girls. It does a very effective job of creating a world of cozy community you want to inhabit.
  • We went to the cinema to watch The Holdovers which was charming and delightful. Would've been nice to watch before Christmas, but y'know. We also saw this poster—apparently Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal are meserising:

Keep it real! Over and out.

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