Weeknotes 1493

cold, code, coke

Weeknotes 1493
  • Can't remember the last time I had a cold that lingered for about a week but I definitely had one of those and it cast a bit of a pallor over the week. In case you're wondering precisely how out of it I've been, here's a Christmas card I wrote:
  • This means that this week's notes may be shorter then usual as far less than usual happened. We had several evenings where we made dinner, watched an episode of LOST, pottered around a bit, maybe did some reading, had a bath, then went to sleep at a reasonable time. Which, honestly, was really good. I'm someone who feels like they're thriving the most when approaching the limits of their capacity, which has obvious issues, and illness has a way of forcing you to bring it down a little bit.
  • I'm starting to hit the point in my exercise routine when the easy returns diminish a bit. I'm deadlifting about my bodyweight and squatting ~75% and I'm starting to slow down. I've hit my prior benchpress PB and it's like running into a wall. Running is a bit easier, I had a few days off the full programme and I found 20 minutes non-stop to be actually quite do-able.
  • I've been doing Advent of Code at the inducement of someone in a Labour Party related Discord server I'm in, and I'm having a lot of fun doing it! Little toy exercises, obviously, but it's a good excuse to dust off my rusty Python. Not too late to catch up now if you're interested!
  • We had our second annual viewing the Late Late Toy Show, an Irish festive tradition to which CM introduced me that I find almost impossible to explain. Here is a clip. This year it seemed like some of the kids had got into the presenter's coke stash; the first one in particular was almost completely ignoring what he was saying in favour of messing around and shooting bubbles in his face. Great stuff.