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My Doctor Who Origin Story

This is for something else I’m doing, but I thought this is a tale which deserved its own post. Many years ago, when I was in primary school, aged ten, my dad came home from work and gave me some stuff, which was jolly nice of him. Specifically, a Bill Bailey CD (The Ultimate Collection… Ever!) which is a brilliant thing in itself, and contains Insect Nation, which remains one of my favourite songs, but more importantly,  a CD rip of the record of the audio version of Genesis of the Daleks. Also, the Dalpol Davros in the picture above. I listened Genesis all in one go. I distinctly recall the ‘Do I have the right’ speech bit… and its subsequent resolution when the wires were run over by a Dalek anyway. A program which has writing of that calibre, I decided, must be worth my time. From then on, I started watching videos of old episodes, reading the BBC Doctor Who books and listening to Big Finish audios where I could find them. I got library staff to order in as many of the books as I could (though I never got into the old Virgin novels) and looking through the list, I’ve probably read all the Eighth Doctor Adventures (and most of the Past Doctor Adventures) at some time or another. And two years later, the TV series started again!

I think that works much better as a post on its own than as a footnote, don’t you?

FOOTNOTE: Well, my dad says I’m misremembering, that I got the Bill Bailey CD separately and the other stuff was given to me by his celebrity friend Paul Putner, and I’ve managed to elide the two events in my mind. Probably because I was in the same place when both things happened. Reminds me of that episode of Radiolab about the malleability of memory. Go and listen, it’s really interesting.

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